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Cynthia Bro Higgins, owner
owner / creative director
Cynthia Bro Higgins
. . . . . . . . . .

Cynthia brings 20 years of design, technical knowledge and project managment experience to your web and print campaigns.

Before ResCon, Cynthia served as Senior Art Director at Lefton Direct, the direct-marketing division of Al Paul Lefton Company, Inc, in Philadelphia. Cynthia oversaw design for accounts such as General
Electric, NEC and Manufacturers Hanover Bank. Creative included multi-step dm packages, brochures and print ads.

In 1984, Cynthia served as Associate Art Director at Comp-U-Card International in Stamford, CT. She managed design for “Comp-u-store”, the electronic merchandising service marketed through forty+ services including Chase Manhattan Bank and Citibank, and designed the annual report, quarterly reports, marketing solicitations and membership fulfillment packages.

At ResponsiveConcepts, Cynthia has broadened her skills to include web, multimedia and packaging design, serving such clients as Teledyne, Investext, and Softkey International.

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Mark, Maren and Cynthia Higgins

t h e T e a m Cynthia Bro Higgins
Mark Paul Higgins
Maren Brynn Higgins
. . . . . . . . . .

ResponsiveConcepts™ was established by Cynthia Christensen Bro upon her move to Boston in 1989 (see her bio next) . When she married Andover-native Mark Higgins, Cynthia was able to shorten her name slightly, but her family increased. Mark, Cynthia and their 5 year-old daughter Maren help run Cynthia's "micro-agency" in East Hampstead, New Hampshire, ten minutes north of the Mass. border.

Mark Paul Higgins, vp finance
vp finance
Mark Paul Higgins
. . . . . . . . . .

Mark is the "gray eminence" behind the creative efforts of the owner. A full-time manufacturing director at a local electronics firm, Mark specs project feasability and concepts with his characteristic humor and professionalism. Although he supplies more spirit than physical presence at ResponsiveConcepts, Mark is the "glue" that has kept the firm up and running since 1989.

t h e c r e a t i v e p r o c e s s

ResponsiveConcepts follows standard procedures for presentation, approval and production of concepts, but encourages flexibility for client's unique needs. Interactive / web and print efforts are typically approached by similar means...
A. original client meeting
• determination of needs and project/campaign goals
• determination of budget/time/technology considerations
• investigation of competitive efforts, industry trends, audience characteristics
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• development of written estimate
B. agency presentation of rough concepts
• presentation of 1, 2, or 3 concepts as requested by client
• review of concept(s)
• selection of one or more concepts to fine-tune for final production
C. agency presentation of revised targetted concept
• web/interactive is posted to private directory online
• review of concept(s)
• review approval with revisions (usually 2 rounds of approval built into estimates)

Cynthia at 5 years old
graphics intern
Maren Brynn Higgins
. . . . . . . . . .

Maren is diligently acquiring her design skills. At 5 years of age, she can crayon, paint and glue stick your projects to a point that is unrecognizable. She'll even work up a layout on the computer. But, don't worry, we won't let her near your work. We only let her in the studio after hours.

t h e c r e a t i v e p r o c e s s (con't)

D. production of concept
• photography shot / stock acquired
• graphics and layouts created
• programming written
• demo site created and tested
• print separations laser tested / digital proofed
E. agency presentation of final targetted concept
review of concept(s)
• web/interactive on private directory online or sent by disk/disc
• printing of color proof
• approval for production to film, web or disk
• final signoff of website, interactive or film or digital proof
F. agency coordination of production
• site server loading
• printing
• direct mail lettershopping
• cd publishing and packaging
G. launch and continued maintenance
• website/direct marketing campaign tracking, updating

T e a m o f S u p p l i e r s

Responsive Concepts uses only respected industry professionals to supply creative services, art and pre-press materials. These suppliers are known for their informed knowledge of computer-aided pre-press and print production, and consistently deliver high-quality product under deadline at reasonable rates. ResponsiveConcepts brings together expert teams to assist on projects as needed.
S t a n d a r d B i l l i n g
Clients are requested to pay 50% upfront and the remainder upon receipt of the project.

Payment of expenses and production costs are required before commencement of any work.

Upon approval, clients may be extended net 30 terms. If net 30 payment is not met, an added 1.5% monthly service charge will be added to any outstanding sums for up to a 4 month period and result in subsequent cancellation of net 30 terms payment privileges.

When contracted for work on a continual basis, Responsive Concepts requests payment of established fees the 1st day of the month, 1st payment to be made before commencement of any work.

P o l i c i e s

Except for an initial free one hour consultation for new clients, meetings are billed at the firm's consultation rate.

ResponsiveConcepts provides estimates in writing for clients before the commencement of work and is committed to its estimate unless the client requests additional work not included in the proposal.
>> see an example of an estimate...

ResponsiveConcepts does not produce work on speculation of being selected to do a project.

ResponsiveConcepts requests that the Client sign-off in writing at each stage of creative development and production (faxes are acceptable for many approval stages up to film production). Liability for any project or part of a project accepted without sign-off resides with the Client (a request for delivery from the client without signoff constitutes consent to waived liability).

ResponsiveConcepts frequently press checks local press runs. If ResponsiveConcepts is not commissioned to approve press pulls, liability for the printing rests with the Client.

Design copyrights reside with the agency as creator per the Berne Convention of 1971, and digital media, film and proofs used in production are the property of the agency unless designated at the outset of a project.

o u r c a p a b i l i t i e s
ResCon provides extensive experience in both print and web design and production. We offer complete project management, including:
Marketing Strategy
Concept development
Job estimating, specifying, scheduling
Layout design
Computer illustration
3D modelling
Website design
Photo Shoot Direction
Print Buying
Press and web supervision

web banner ads
push emails
dm selfmailers
letter pkgs
3-D mailings
brand ids
usage manuals
promo sheets
spec sheets
specialty cards
print ads
cd-rom inserts
video cases
cd inserts

f a c i l i t i e s & t o o l s
Mac and PC cable-internet workstations, high-resolution color scanner, digital camera, 1440 dpi color and 600 dpi laser output.

QuarkXpress, Photoshop, Freehand, Illustrator, Painter, Extreme 3D and web/interactive software GoLive, Dreamweaver, MacroMedia Director and Flash, to name a few...

D a i l y A d N e w s F e e d

l o g i n t o p r i v a t e d i r e c t o r i e s

Client Directories
Family Directories

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In partnership with other recognized industry experts, ResponsiveConcepts™ offers the full range of creative services, including print production, and web administration.

Meet the players and see how we approach a project. And just call 603-382-8883 if you have any questions...