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w h y R e s p o n s i v e C o n c e p t s ?...

Perhaps you're considering hiring an outside designer to complement in-house skills or spearhead projects where your company hasn't the expertise.

Aside from the benefits of outsourcing (speed, cost containment and leading-edge technical and design skills), ResponsiveConcepts can bring a fresh, dispassionate perspective to your advertising and e-business campaigns.

...from initial marketing strategy to advertising copy, design, digital or print production, Responsive Concepts has over 20 years of experience providing advertising, brand identity programs, direct mail, packaging and websites for a wide variety of industries.

An independent "micro-agency" since 1989, ResponsiveConcepts has a reputation for creative design, attention to detail, and deadline and budget-oriented concepts...

c o r p o r a t e k a r m a ...

Our mission is to develop continuity design solutions that build brand recognition and increased response...ergo -- to create responsive concepts.

Responsive Concepts’ design philosopy comes from our years of experience in direct response marketing.

A member of the New England Direct Marketing Association since 1989, we believe that any design effort should move your audience to act
as strategically planned and should be measurable.

If this isn't achieved, it's not effective design.

Responsive Concepts’ focused approach assures clear recognition of your message, and greater response for your marketing investment.

> Continuity design solutions maintain the same message/appearance across all media presented to your customers, be it the website, brochure, tradeshow booth, or print ad.
> Brand recognition means we work to make your customer instantly aware of your product, company or service.
> Increased response is a measurable number of calls/hits/sales attributable to our specific marketing and design efforts.

r a t e y o u r o w n w e b o r p r i n t c a m p a i g n...

does it...

reflect the way you want your firm / product to be perceived?
target optimal customers, those who can really buy your services?
follow corporate short and long term goals?
compete successfully with competitors efforts?
reflect changing industry trends?
speak in persuasive terms that benefit your customer?
provide measureable results to compare to your marketing investment?

If you left any boxes unchecked ...we can help...these are just a few questions to start you thinking.

Explore our projects, their challenges and solutions..Then give us a call at 603-382-8883. We look forward to assisting you.

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D a i l y A d N e w s F e e d

Selecting assistance with your advertising and website design can be daunting...

Take a glimpse at our philosophy and procedures. And feel free to give us a call. We're happy to answer your questions.

Cynthia Higgins, owner / creative director